We have great news to share! Read on to discover two worthy Geneva organizations aiming to bring delicious food to a plate near you (and warm/fuzzy feelings to the city’s do-gooders).

Did you know that Geneva hosts around 5,000 refugees? With these residents in mind, a new venture is being organized by Cuisine Lab. Cuisine Lab, a Geneva non-profit created in 2016, aims to bring together locals, ex-pats, and refugees through food. What started as one communal meal (Syrian-themed), turned into multiple pop-ups featuring delicious fare from Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Eritrea and more.

Now, more than 60 events later (and 5,000+ satiated customers), Cuisine Lab is planning to open a restaurant in December 2021. The Agora will be located in the heart of the Nations district on Geneva’s right bank. It’s aim? To “train and employ refugees interested in culinary careers to enable financial autonomy while creating opportunities for culture sharing.”

Cuisine Lab is crowdfunding now to support the Agora. To learn more, click here.

The second program is organized by the Association for the Bateau Genève. Each morning year-round, the Bateau (moored near the Jardin Anglais) serves a free breakfast to 150-200 people living in precarious situations. And each year, from May to December, the Buvette du Bateau opens to the public to serve delicious tapas, drinks and daily specials. The boat can also be rented for private events.

Come by to enjoy an unmatched view of Geneva’s harbor and the Buvette’s tempting dishes, while simultaneously supporting the Buvette’s training program. Trainees will receive opportunities to:

  • Acquire skills in the restaurant and renovation industry;
  • Regain self-confidence and establish healthy social contacts;
  • Begin the search for an internship or employment.

For more information on the Bateau, click here.

Both organizations have opportunities to volunteer, as well. What are your favorite ways to give back to Geneva? Have you discovered a favorite restaurant or foodie destination? Tell us in the comments below!

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