The Living In Geneva blogs are written by women of the American International Women’s Club. We are a group of nearly 500 women from 54 countries. Our authors range in age, interests and length of time living in Geneva.

So join us in discovering the activities and culture “Living in Geneva!”

We welcome you to be a part of our group as well.    If you would like to join the AIWC, please visit our website at http://www.aiwcgeneva.org/.

All  written and photographic content on the Living In Geneva Blog are strictly the views, opinions and reflections of each contributing blogger and do not necessarily represent the views, opinions or endorsements of the American International Women’s Club of Geneva.  The American International Women’s Club of Geneva is not responsible for the accuracy of any information supplied by the bloggers.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Joe Colombo said:

    Bonjour AIWC,

    Thank you for your excellent website. It is a treasure of resources for the newly arrived in Geneva. Here’s a topic I am very much interested in, but cannot seem to attain a consensus from those that I have asked: should one get a Swiss Driver’s License? Does it mean starting from scratch with driving school? Can one continue to use a foreign permit and if so for how long? All the best and looking forward to your continued insightful posts.

    Merci beaucoup!

    • Alpenhorn said:

      Joe, Thank you for your kind words and for the idea. I have a blog scheduled in November for how to get one’s initial drivers license in Switzerland but I did not think about those who already have a foreign drivers license. I do know that you have one year in which you can exchange your drivers license (CHF 150). For more information click here.

      If you don’t exchange in that period of time, your question is valid: does one have to take the final exam or start from scratch? You don’t want to start from scratch since that includes completing a first aid class, written exam, eye exam (which you have to do when you exchange your license, too), eight hours of road sensibility classes and the final driving exam. I shall have to look that up.

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