Adding a little joy!

Suffering adverse effects from 2+ weeks of isolation and cabin fever?  Already maxed out on Netflix?  Bored of organizing your closets and home?  Slogging through distance-learning with your children?   Then this post is for you:  A few ways to add a little joy to your life (any time, not just in the middle of a pandemic.)

This article was published many years ago in the AIWC Courier magazine, and was recently submitted again by a long-time AIWC member.  In her words:

“I found this article so inspiring I kept it all these years and would read it from time to time.  One thing I am doing now, thanks to this article, is using the good china (silver flatware and crystal, too.)  Since we’re cooking and eating at home now more than ever, it adds much joy to the evening meal.  Yes, we need to wash it all by hand but the joy of using it is worth the extra effort.”

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 Passanisi’s Pointers for Adding Joy to a Woman’s Life

Always have something to look forward to.  Laugh out loud.  Learn to do nothing. Spend a little time alone daily.  Wear what you like.  Edit your self-inflicted rules frequently.  Sing out loud.  Pretend you’re someone else for a day.  Compromise preferences, not principles.  Buy one piece of really good candy and savor it.  Goof off.  Say “No” more often.  Live in the present.  Keep a wish list.  Use the good china. Give away what you don’t use or want.  Eat something that has no nutritional value.  Form your own opinion.  Listen to your gut.  Hold hands.  Quit saying, “I should…”  Send flowers to yourself at work and sign the card “From someone who thinks you’re terrific.”  Never tell your age.  It’s irrelevant.  Ask for space when you need it.  Avoid people who bring you down.  Don’t wear a watch.  Never ask, “How do I look.” Expect the best.  Don’t tip poor service.  Call an old friend.  Buy season tickets to something you love.  Read the comics first.  Wear perfume.  Smile for no reason.

Have you found ways to bring positivity to your life over the past few weeks?  Do one or more of the above ‘pointers’ resonate with you?  Please share in the comments below!

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