A couple of weeks into 2020, and hopefully your New Year’s resolutions are still holding up.  In case you resolved to 1) Read more; or 2) Implement some healthy changes to your diet/lifestyle, read on.  The below resources might be helpful, and more sensitive to your budget if you still, like many Geneva residents, find yourself in sticker shock at the cash register.  Also, this is not paid content, this blog doesn’t publish paid posts.

The first is Book Depository, a great website reminiscent of Amazon back in its book-selling days.  They offer free worldwide shipping, very reasonable prices, and a great selection of books, in case what you’re after can’t be found at Payot (or can’t/won’t be shipped to Switzerland).  The shipping can take a while (10 days – 2 weeks), but if you’re not in a rush, definitely consider giving Book Depository a whirl.


The second resource is iHerb.  This Swiss website (available in English) offers a huge selection of vitamins (kids’ gummy vitamins!), supplements, and healthy, hard-to-find groceries (liquid vanilla extract, Bob’s Red Mill flours, nutritional yeast). I have been using this website a lot over the past few months.  Prices are unbeatable (especially compared to the stratospheric prices at Swiss pharmacies), shipping is 2-3 days, and the website is easy to use with a big selection of products, including familiar US and UK brands.  It’s also an excellent resource for vegans and vegetarians.

Hopefully this helps some Living in Geneva readers get their hands on items that are otherwise difficult to find here, or are very pricey.  Please comment below if you give either website a try, or have other feedback or questions!

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