Do you often bump into your neighbors, and all that’s exchanged is a quick “Bonjour” or “Au revoir”?  Wouldn’t it be nice to become better acquainted with those who live next door, or in the same building or block?

Since 2004, Geneva has celebrated La fête des Voisins (Neighbors Day).  This annual celebration takes place the last Friday in May.  For this year, it will happen on Friday, May 24, 2019.  The goal is to help neighbors get to know each other, and to support neighborhood cohesion over a friendly drink or shared meal.


How does it work?  Well, the organisers are you and your fellow neighbors!  Together you settle on the right place (a courtyard, shared sidewalk or garden, common room, at the building’s entrance), and then spread the word with a poster and invitations (to be downloaded and printed).  The poster/invites are available in multiple languages (Albanian, German, English, Spanish, Arabic, and more).


The city of Geneva and your commune are here to help promote and facilitate the event.  For example, in Chêne-Bourg, you can contact the Mairie and rent/purchase picnic tables, benches, balls and t-shirts for your gathering.  

So, if you haven’t yet seen these posters popping up in/around your neighborhood, why not be the one to take the lead in organizing your own event?  Let us know how it goes!

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