Heads up! Another installment of our museum series is coming your way. Of the roughly 40 museums scattered across Geneva, few are as affecting as the Museum of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent.

But first, a little history. The ICRC, created in 1863 and based on the Geneva Conventions of 1949, is an “impartial, independent and neutral organization whose exclusively humanitarian mission is to protect the lives and dignity of victims or armed conflict and other situations of violence and to provide assistance. The ICRC also endeavours to prevent suffering by promoting and strengthening humanitarian law and universal humanitarian principles.” The ICRC, still based in Geneva, now employs around 18,000 people in 90 countries.

Located near the UN, the ICRC museum opened its doors in October 1988. It’s mission was to follow the major stages of humanitarian history, before and after the creation of the ICRC. The museum closed for an extensive renovation in 2011-2013, but reopened with a new visitor center and permanent exhibit: The Humanitarian Adventure, which chronicles nearly 160 years of humanitarian work.

The museum exhibits focus on three themes: Defending human dignity, restoring family links, and reducing natural risks. More can be discovered by clicking below:

In addition to the permanent exhibit, rotating temporary exhibits occur throughout the year, including one beginning this week: Imagine. Reflections on Peace.

Sensitive visitors should prepare themselves for upsetting/disturbing imagery. There is (obviously) much suffering depicted throughout. However, the museum does try to include positive global developments as well, such as the creation of vaccines and other scientific and artistic breakthroughs.

The museum is located here:

Avenue de la Paix 17
1202 Geneva -Switzerland

Opening Hours:

From 10 am to 6 pmfrom 1 April to 31 October
From 10 am to 5 pmfrom 1 November to 31 March
ClosedMondays, 24, 25, 31 December and 1 January

Ticket Prices:

15.00/7.00 (reduced price*)

Group (Group prices by booking only & From 10 people).
10.00/7.00 (reduced price*)

25% discount. One or two adults accompanied by up to four children.

For children under 12, ICOM, AMS, AMICR, journalists

*From 12 to 22 years old, over 65 years old, person with disabilities, member of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent, unemployed

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