Do you have a patch of garden, a terrace, or a sunny windowsill?  Then why not give gardening a try?  Especially if your summer travel plans have changed to keep you in Geneva; you’ll be here to tend and nurture your little green charges.

Gardening can be a satisfying and tranquil pastime, and doesn’t necessarily represent a huge upfront investment in time and money.  A couple of pots, some hardy plant species (for the gardening débutants) and a little TLC, sun and water is all you need.

For everything you need to get started, check out some of the following home/garden centers around Geneva.  Avail yourself of knowledgeable sales staff, and don’t forget to read the tags/stakes in each plant for their specific care needs.


Local options include MParc’s Do-It Center in Carouge, located at Avenue Vibert 32, Carouge 1227.  This Do-It Center is the largest in Switzerland at 9’000 m².  It has everything a gardener might need, and opens at the early hour of 7:30 each day (closed on Sundays).  Easily reached by tram 12, multiple bus lines, and car (enjoy easy parking with 500 surface-level spaces).


If you live closer to Meyrin, check out the Jumbo Maxi at Rue des Entreprises 1217 Meyrin.  This huge garden/DIY center has garden equipment and furniture, supplies for BBQs, sun shades and much more.  It opens at 8:30 daily (closed on Sundays).


An overlooked store for gardening supplies is IKEA.  Stop by their Vernier location to stock up on pots, plants and other supplies to create/transform your garden space.


A quick skip across the French border to Gaillard and Ville-le-Grand will bring you to Botanic, a large garden, home decor, pet care, and (at the Gaillard location), a nice grocery section full of local produce and organic/healthy foods.  Botanic is open every day, including Sundays.


For the gardening motherlode, and both inspiration and aspiration, head to the 18,000m2 Schilliger garden center in Gland.

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Room after room, atriums galore, this mega-center has it all: a huge selection of beautiful plants, a restaurant, pet supplies, toys, clothing, playground equipment, organic groceries, home decor, and much more.  It’s worth a couple of hours/visit, especially if you’re making the drive from Geneva to Gland (about 30 minutes without traffic.)

Schilliger is open 7 days/week until June 7th.  For more details, click here.


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