If you found yourself out and about this weekend, you surely noticed that life is picking up again.  Geneva’s downtown streets were packed with people enjoying both beautiful weather and newly reopened shops and restaurants. Parks were filled with families and friends BBQ’ing together while children zipped around playgrounds.

Geneva’s cultural institutions have begun to reopen, as well, and this article begins a series highlighting some of the best museums on offer in our city.  First up is the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MAMCO).


This large and airy museum, opened in 1994, offers room after room of thought-provoking (or mystifying) art; pieces often enormous in scale and brightly colored (great for lifting a visitor’s mood.)  Residing in the premises of a former factory, the MAMCO focuses on 1960s art.  And at 3,500 square meters, is the largest contemporary art museum in Switzerland.

Located near the Plainpalais diamond, the museum can be found at rue des Vieux Grenadiers 10, 1205 Geneva.  Regular admission is 15 Fr., and 10 Fr. for students/AVS/artists.

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The museum’s hours for the remainder of May 2020 are below:

Thursday May 21: 10 am–9 pm

10 am–12 pm : Morning visit for vulnerable people

12-6 pm: Regular visits

6–9 pm: Evening, free entry

Saturday May 23–Sunday May 24: 11 am–6 pm

Thursday May 28:10 am–9 pm

10-12h : Morning visit for MAMCO members

12-6 pm: Regular visits

6–9 pm: Evening, free entry 

Saturday May 30–Sunday May 31:11 am–6 pm

New measures have been added to protect visitors and staff, including limiting the number of visitors/room, accepting cards only as payment (no cash), and providing disinfectant throughout the museum.


The MAMCO changes its exhibits 3X/year, and a number of artists are featured this month; Olivier Mosset, Franz Mon, Kristin Oppenheim, and more.  If you feel comfortable with the newly-relaxed public health measures, consider venturing to the MAMCO or another local museum to support Geneva’s cultural treasures! For more details on visiting the MAMCO, click here.


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