Noticed neighborhood walking paths getting busier (but hopefully not too crowded)?  Have your local restaurants already opened up for takeaway/pick-up orders?  Eager to sprint into your closest salon or DIY store on Monday morning?  These are encouraging steps towards a new normal.

But even from Monday, we are advised to diligently adhere to physical distancing, hand washing, and considering a mask in public (even if not required.)  Already there are reports of lockdown fatigue, as even the disciplined Swiss populace is lured outdoors by beautiful spring weather and, of course, missing friends and loved ones.


Even though we’ve all lost something during this time, perhaps we’ve gained in other ways, too.  On that note, care to share some of the silver linings you’ve experienced?  A previously undiscovered talent with 1500-piece puzzles?  Reconnecting with a long-lost friend?  A deeper appreciation for the life’s simpler things? What are you most looking forward to, as restrictions are relaxed?  Share your thoughts/plans in the comments below!

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