Friends are indeed very important for all of us. Some people live in/around the same area all their lives and hence have close friends nearby. Then there are those who move to different cities or countries due to job opportunities, to further their studies and so on.  In these people’s lives, there comes a point where they no longer know where they belong. They need to go that extra mile to keep in touch with old friends from wherever they have lived. As they say, ‘Out of sight is out of mind.’  The result is a need to make a conscious effort to keep up friendships. The beauty though is you have friends from so many different places.

This is the reason I feel that wherever we are, we need to belong to some community of like-minded people who will be there for each other when needed. Humans are social beings and for the majority of us, surviving without friends is impossible. The American International Women’s Club of Geneva has made a huge difference to my quality of life after moving here.  I cherish every interaction I have with these wonderful ladies. 

Maintaining a friendship means giving time, a very valuable commodity in today’s world. But the return that you get is multi-fold. Invest in your friendships.  Call a friend today just to say ‘hello’ and see how they are doing. I would have said go out for a coffee or drink, but given we are all staying indoors and maintaining safe distance to beat the Corona virus, we will stick to phone calls, Skype and virtual toasts. This is the need of the hour with all of us stuck at home, many of us away from children, parents and other close family members.

My litmus test for friendship is if you are meeting a friend, say after 10 years, and have not been in regular touch, but can still pick up the conversation as though you had met just last week.  And continue for hours.  These are our true friends who will stand by our side whenever we need them. A big thank you from the bottom of my heart to all my dear friends old and new. Thank you for being there for me always. You bring color and cheer in my life just like these flowers.

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