Need an escape from the headlines?  A respite from the drumbeat of Coronavirus-related updates?  Then click one or more of the links below!

Even non-surfers will appreciate this: the finalists for the Nikon Surf Photo of the Year Award.  Seeing these beautiful photos, with blue swirling water and waves, chilled me right out:


Feeling like turning away from screens altogether?  Go with that instinct, but before you do, tune your ears and speaker to a playlist curated by Colorado Public Radio: 21 pieces of calm classical music to soothe a troubled mind:

Click here for the playlist on Youtube.


How can you not love these two?

How friendships change with age.

Need something to look forward to this weekend?  Missing your cocktail crew?  Plan your own virtual happy hour!  

And even though it may be a bit chilly outside, there is sunshine in the forecast every day this week. Step out and enjoy during a quick walk, or just pull a chair towards your brightest window to increase your vitamin D and serotonin levels!

Stay healthy out there, abide by social distancing guidelines, and reach out to your friends and loved ones via Skype, Houseparty, WhatsApp, and other platforms designed to keep us closer together when circumstances keep us far apart!

What are you doing to pass the time at home?  Have you read a news story that gave you a boost or a laugh?  Please share in the the comments below!

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