Will you be driving on Geneva streets or Swiss highways in 2020?  Then take care to purchase two vignette/macaron stickers for your vehicle.

The first is the 2020 vignette for driving on any Swiss autoroute.  The cost is 40 Fr. and it can be purchased at many points of sale (online, tabac/kiosks, post offices, gas stations, travel centers, doane crossings (Bardonnex) and more. If you have a 2019 vignette, it won’t expire until January 31, 2020.


The second is a new one, the Stick’AIR, and is a one-time purchase, good for the life of your vehicle.  From January 15th, 2020, the canton of Geneva will limit traffic in the center of the canton on peak pollution days.  If your vehicle does not have a Stick’AIR vignette displayed on your windshield, you may be forbidden from driving in the city center on peak pollution days.


There are 6 categories of Stick’AIR, with different vignettes for electric vehicles, gas/hybrid, motorcycles/quads, and heavier vehicles and buses.  How to know which one to buy?  Prior to March 31, 2020, take your vehicle’s carte grise into the Office Cantonal des Véhicules in Carouge, and purchase at the windows (5 Fr.).  On peak pollution days, to balance the restricted traffic, public transportation will be free in the canton.

Purchasing these vignettes isn’t optional. You may risk stiff penalties (500 Fr.) if caught without a Stick’AIR, for example.  For more information on the Stick’AIR, in English, visit this link.

Bonne route!!

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