Visited your fair share of fine art museums and galleries this summer?  Met your lifetime quota of viewing the canvases of Picasso, Monet, and Van Gogh?  Perhaps you need proof that Geneva does indeed have a gritty/cool/edgy streak?

If yes, then consider visiting the Banksy in Geneva exhibit, taking place now (ending September 15) at Rue de l’Ancien Port 11 in the Pâquis.  This celebration of street art, curated by Bel Air Fine Art, centers graffiti as a fine art through the work of four street artists (Banksy, Pimax, M. Chat and Byc).

Banksy (whose real identity remains unknown) is the most famous street artist featured in the exhibit.  His stencilled paintings serve as critiques on politics and modern life, and often have a touch of irony and humor.

In addition to viewing selected works of each artist, there will be live painting demonstrations by Byc, Pimax and M.Chat.  Check out the Facebook page for more details.

Last, if you decide one of these bright, modern and often whimsical (but still statement-making) pieces belongs on the walls of your home, I have good news.  Many of the works are for sale, including my personal favorite, the rodeo cowboy on the red heart.  Just take a peek at the price lists located in the final and largest room of the exhibit.

Tickets are 10 Fr./adult, hours are Sunday – Wednesday, 11 – 7; Thursday – Saturday, 11:30 – 20:00.

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