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A brilliant service right on our doorstep!  Taking off on an exciting holiday journey? Traveling with work to countries beyond European borders?  You may require travel vaccinations, but what’s the best way to learn which ones (and how to get them administered)?


Here in Geneva at the HUG (Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève) there is a little gem of a service – the Tropical & Humanitarian Medicine Division. The clinic has 2 main aims:
  • To provide prevention advice and administer specialized vaccinations to travelers, expatriates, students and the local population.
  • To provide care for patients returning from travel and affected by a tropical disease or parasite.  As a traveler I prefer to start with prevention rather than needing the cure!
All you need to do is turn up during the clinic’s opening hours, take a ticket and wait in line – Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 12:30 to 15:30 and Thursday from 16:00 to 18:30.
Make sure you have your travel itinerary, and the nurse will go through each country’s risk levels to offer you advice about the vaccinations or prophylactic medicine you might require.
Vaccinations are administered there and then and prescriptions given for anti-malarials if required.  Fees for each vaccines are published within the clinic.  What I also liked about the service was the helpful list for generating your own personal first aid kit for travel, as well as clear advice regarding follow-up vaccinations and time frames.
HUG Tropical & Humanitarian Medicine Division
Rue Gabrielle-Perret-Gentil 6 – 3rd Floor
1205 Genève
The unit also refers travelers to the Swiss Safe travel Website  www.safetravel.ch where you can check medical recommendation by destination, medical news on epidemics and specific health tips depending on where you are visiting.
Bon voyage!
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