Another birthday approaching for your little one (ages 5-12)?  Already well-acquainted with some of the tried-and-true birthday party venues/entertainment options available in/around Geneva (Bubbles, Tortuga Parc, Vitam Parc, Laser Game Evolution)?  Below are a few ideas that might be interesting to consider for your child’s next celebration*:

A Graffiti Party: Is your child a budding Banksy?  Then consider a very cool graffiti party with Philippe Baro.  This Geneva-based professional graffiti artist will come to your home, or can meet in a park or other location to guide the children as they create a modern masterpiece.  There are a variety of painting surfaces available, so don’t fret if you don’t have a spare interior/exterior wall.  He also supplies all the paint, coveralls and masks.  For more details, visit


Secret Chamber Escape Game:  Does your child (8 years+) enjoy problem-solving, riddles, and following a story, clue by clue?  Then perhaps a birthday party in the Secret Chamber is just the ticket.   This party venue, located in a historic building next to Geneva’s Bourg-de-Four Square, promises mystery and intrigue as the children work together to solve the mystery of the missing Brunswick Blue Diamond.  For more details on the different party packages, visit


Physiscope Ateliers at the University of Geneva:  Will your little Einstein appreciate a STEM-oriented celebration?  Then take a look at the Physiscope ateliers, led by young researchers at the University of Geneva.  The workshops are available across a variety of scientific disciplines/topics (astronomy, electricity, physics, color/light, pressure, changing states, and more.)  The lecture rooms and exhibits are cutting edge, and the ateliers are interactive and often include experiments.  These workshops are aimed at children in primary/secondary school.  For more details, visit


These are just a few options, among many more creative and unusual celebrations that seem to be popping up all over Geneva.  Happy planning!

*These ideas are not sponsored, just our own opinions and recommendations.

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