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Traveling to any airport can be a stressful and expensive endeavour. Thankfully Geneva has an excellent public transport system as an alternative to the more expensive options of parking one’s car or hiring a taxi or Uber. Depending on where you live, these are the options you may consider.

What’s New

Map of Aerobus GenevaBack in December (2018) a new group of bus lines were introduced called the Aerobus.  These six lines  connect passengers to the airport before 6am, when one would usually need to drive or take a taxi to the airport. The service is free for passengers with boarding passes and plane tickets.

A timetable and this map can be found on this TPG pdf file.



If you are traveling during rush hour, I find the best option is the 7-minute train ride between the airport and the train station. There is no traffic to worry about (which even bus lanes can get blocked) and the trains run about every 15 minutes. Remember that if you arrive in Geneva by plane, grab a free Geneva transport ticket from the machine in the luggage pick-up hall.

Express Buses

The TPG has also has two useful Express buses during the rush hours.

  • 5+ connects Thonex to the airport; schedule and stops are found here. Though strangely they have changed the time table so that Thonex to the Airport runs only in the morning while returning from the airport runs in the mornings and late afternoon.
  • G+ connects Viegy-Douane (FR) to Gare Cornavin (the train station). The mornings bring people in and the evenings bring people out. The schedule and stops can be found here.

Biking in Geneva


When our kids were little, we always ordered a taxi. How was I ever going to get two little ones and all that luggage down to our closest bus stop over a kilometer away? I am so glad I don’t have to do that anymore. The cost of a taxi to Vésenaz is over CHF 65 including the extra CHF2.50 for each piece of luggage. I’ve even had drivers who charge for our small carry-on luggage. The only advantage of taxis is that they can drive in the bus lanes during high traffic times and they will pick you up early in the morning when the buses are not running.


Uber should be less expensive but they do not have the right to use the bus lanes and will sit in the traffic jams like all other cars.

Airport Parking

The airport has five different sectors ranging in price from CHF 30 day / CHF 120 week to CHF 35 day / CHF 185 week. The airport parking website (here)  is fantastic. You can find prices and number of places currently available as well as reserve a parking place and use their price calculator.

Valet Parking

I have no experience with valet parking but it exists. The official airport approved valet parking companies can be found here. Otherwise, web search”valet parking.” The prices vary as do the reviews, so I won’t give any advice in this area!

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