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La Voie Verte or Green Way officially opened on April 27, 2018 and is five kilometers of cycle and pedestrian path linking the future station of Eaux-Vives and Annemasse built on the ‘roof ‘of the future Léman Express (CEVA) underground route.

Geneva's Green WayThe Green Way has two ecological objectives. Firstly it supports people wishing to walk or to cycle in and out of the city and my goodness is it working – the morning ‘rush hour’ is certainly busy.  Research completed in December 2018 reported 800 people crossing the border at peak times which is 83% more than this time last year and corresponds to the removal of 700 cars driving through the Annemasse Thonex border.

Secondly there has been a commitment to replant the natural environments which were affected by the CEVA works and this green space in the heart of the city is an ecological corridor for wildlife (bringing nature back to town).  Along its route there are also a number of little pocket parks for sitting and watching the world pass by.

Cycling or walking along the route is stunning, views in both directions of the Alps and Genea's Bike share the Jura and there are velospots  (a bike sharing system) en route. I still haven’t got over the joy of walking to another country when I take the dog out – that comes from Island living as a Brit! However, speedy cyclists beware  – the route has a number of road intersections and cyclists must remember they lose priority at this point. Dog walkers are also catered for with plenty of waste bins and free waste bags on offer.

And it is not yet finished – eventually, the route will be 38 kms running from Bonne (Haute-Savoie) to Saint-Genis-Pouilly (Ain), via Geneva, and will be entitled “Greenway of Greater Geneva”.


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