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  1. Lose weight – cut out that lovely Swiss chocolate, fondue, raclette, rösti -the AIWC Travelling Gourmet group’s theme this month was low carb.

    Favarger Chocolate Tour (sometimes it’s ok to stray).

  2. Exercise more – take advantage of those ski slopes, raquette tracks, mountain paths and lake side walks – the AIWC has walking, skiing and yoga groups

    AIWC Snowshoeing

    The Hiking Group out for a snowshoe walk.

  3. Be more timely – use those Swiss watches, station clocks, TPG timetables ( to get to places on time for all these great events).

    Geneva Flower clock

    Geneva Photo Treasure Hunt

  4. Learn a new skill – the AIWC has volunteer-led classes like Digital Storytelling, photography, Bridge, sewing and much, much more.

    AIWC Sketching and Painting

    Sketching and Painting Class

  5. Integrate more – learn a language – remember the AIWC offers a variety of free language classes every week at the club.
  6. Offer time to others – the AIWC has a great volunteering team with lots of opportunities in English in case Resolution No 4 above is taking a little more time.
    Geneva Soup Kitchen

    Volunteering at the soup kitchen

    We are a group of international women living in Geneva, Switzerland. If you would like to learn more about our activities and excursions, visit our website at  http://www.aiwcgeneva.org/