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Moving is an adventure, whether it’s across town or across the pond and while our Club currently is rather quiet because of the summer holidays, we are thinking of all the new expats arriving in Geneva.

Since there’s a lot to figure out, we’ve listed some of our favorite resources and advice. We believe this will help you get settled and start enjoying your new home more quickly.


The best advice I was ever given when I moved to Geneva was to practice driving to the hospital (the HUG) from my house.

Switzerland has three important phone numbers:

  1. Police:  117
  2. Life-threatening emergencies (ambulance): 144
  3. Fire department (who also handles picking up bee swarms, ducklings in drainage pipes and flooding basements) : 118

For a complete list of important emergency numbers, the Know-it-All Passport website has an excerpt from their book here.

Our Emergency Services blog contains more information here. Plus, our updated Apps for the Geneva Area blog has two recommended emergency apps.

Living in Geneva Blog

One of our members jokingly commented that she was stalking our Club before she even moved here by reading our blog. She loved it. Written by our members, Living in Geneva reflects expat women’s perspectives and includes practical information to help you get settled and learn about your new home.  You can find information on neighborhoods, schools, shopping, driving, cultural differences and fun things to do here in Geneva.

Please spend a little time checking out past posts that address the important information newcomers want to know.  Here’s a few topics on our blog to help you get started.

Letter to a New Arrival: Click here.

Advice for Newcomers: Click hereTopics include cheap French classes, travel insurance, swimming in the lake, owning a dog, biking in the city and recycling.

Tips and Tricks for Living in GVA: Click  here. Topics include using the public buses and trains, hiking, joining the public library, surviving winter and drinking the tap water.

Where to Buy Stuff : Click here. Topics include furniture, grocery stores, hard-to-find foods, inexpensive over-stock local vegetables, garden items, and chocolate.

Online Resources

There are lots of online resources for information around Geneva and these are some of the best:

Know-it-all passport®  www.knowitall.ch English-language guidebook and community website for Geneva, Vaud and neighboring France.  This super handy reference book is available for sale at the American International Women’s Club.

CH.CH  https://www.ch.ch/en/ A great site by the Swiss government about living in Switzerland.

Swiss Info https://www.swissinfo.ch/eng Swiss news in 10 languages.

Things To Do In Genevawww.thingstodoingeneva.ch A lifestyle, leisure and cultural blog that keeps an eye out for trending activities and events for expats and anglophones in the Geneva area.

Geneve Terroirhttps://www.geneveterroir.ch/en Lists local farmer’s markets and food related events around the area.

Glocals.com  www.glocals.com English online community in Geneva.  Advice and classified ads.

Geneva Angloinfo.com  www.angloinfo.com A good resource for what’s happening around town.

Geneva Tourismwww.geneve.com Geneva Tourism focuses on the city and its region.

Nyon Tourism https://www.facebook.com/nyon.tourisme/ A Facebook page for cultural activities in the La Cote-Nyon region.

My Switzerlandhome.html Terrific website for information on travel, customs, activities in Switzerland.  Also has several apps that are well worth downloading.

CAGI- Geneva Welcome Center  www.cagi.ch CAGI’s web-portal dedicated to welcoming international expats in Geneva.

Creative Living in Genevawww.creativelivinggeneva.com A wonderful blog written by one of members that covers creative pursuits and living well in the Geneva area.

Geneva Family Diarieshttp://www.genevafamilydiaries.net A blog for young families.

Local media in English

The Courier – https://www.aiwcgeneva.org/the-courier  The oldest English language publication in Geneva (which happens to be published by the American International Women’s Club).

WRS, Lake Geneva’s Voice  www.worldradio.ch

The only English-language radio broadcasting in Switzerland. This radio station began in Geneva over 20 years ago. They lost their radio broadcasting channel despite a lot of protest. However you can download the app or listen on DAB radio. They are an excellent source for Swiss news and culture along with great background information. Their  webpage also has news and classified ads in English..

Le News  www.lenews.ch Weekly Swiss News in English

English Language Libraries and Bookstores

The Library in Englishwww.thelibrary.ch This English-language lending library has about 12 000 books, including best-sellers, books for children, and audio books on CD.  Holds twice yearly second-hand book sales.  Paid subscription.

Public library (Bibliothèques municipales)www.ville-ge.ch/bm or our blog here. There are municipal libraries in most neighborhoods that offer a selection of books, magazines, and newspapers in English and many other languages, for adults and children.

Payot – https://www.payot.ch/en/home Bookstore with an extensive selection of English language books in the center of Geneva

FNAC – https://www.fr.fnac.ch/ Bookstore that has two locations with English language selections: Rive and Balaxert.

Phone Apps

As time goes on, Geneva’s apps become more useful and interesting. For an extensive list check out our two blogs here and here.

TPGhttp://www.tpg.ch/horaires-temps-reel This is the most important app in Geneva: the Geneva bus and tram app. It tells you in how much time the bus is coming to the nearest stop, it will give you the time and route of your journey (door to door), you can purchase tickets and there is a way to receive alerts for major delays on your favorite route.

SBB – https://www.sbb.ch/en/timetable/mobile-apps.html The Swiss Train app will help you get around your new country.  The app has timetables, special offers and allows you to buy your tickets on-line. This is a must for our hiking group when we go further afield.

My Switzerland – https://www.myswitzerland.com/en-ch/about-switzerland/apps-panoramas.html My Switzerland is a website dedicated to the promotion of traveling, hiking, biking, and site seeing in Switzerland. This link takes you to the apps that they recommend.

We love our adopted country and hope that you can enjoy it too. If your are interested in learning more about our international women’s club, visit our large Open House on Wednesday, September 12 from 10:00-12:00. Most of our Activity and Events volunteers will be there as well as a lot of members who are eager to see each other after the summer holidays. For more information go to http://www.aiwcgeneva.org.