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I’m excited about this weekend. In addition to my parents arriving from Colorado, the fabulous chocolate Labrador, Voice, that I trained from 6 weeks old to 1 1/2 years to become an service dog is graduating this Saturday. I finally get to meet his person for whom he has become a seizure alert dog.

Back here in Geneva there is also plenty to do with a fantastic documentary play, a beer festival and presentations about safety on the Rhone.

Seven : A documentary theatrical play

Thursday, June 14 at 18:30 at Palais des Nations

Seven is an amazing documentary play that “that weaves together the stories of seven courageous women who overcame abuse of power and advanced the rights of women and girls.” This play has performed in over 42 countries with raving reviews. Here in Geneva, we have the opportunity to attend at the United Nations and hear the talented Barbara Hendricks. For more information about these remarkable Iwomen, visit the Seven website.

Admission is free but there is a two-step process. Step one (here) is setting up an Indico account. Once your account is confirmed, you log-in and register here.

Festibiere de Geneve

Thursday, June 14 to Sunday June 16

The weather forecast is looking good so if you like beer, music and food trucks, this is the place to go with a group of friends. The location is in Carouge so public transportation is easy and the ambiance will be cozy. Even if a thunder storm passes through, which seems to be the case every night for the last month, the tent is huge so you’ll stay dry.

I went to Geneva’s first beer festival last year. I’m pleased to see that they’ve reduced the price compared to last year and explain how much beer is served per 2 tokens. I would recommend that you pre-purchase one of the package deals which are available on-line here until Thursday at 16:00.

Beer Festival in Geneva

Journee de Prevention -Swimming in the Rhone

Saturday, June 16 from 14:00-18:00 at Sentier des Saule

There is a point during your life in Geneva where you or your children will want to swim in the Rhone. I used to white water kayak and probably because my dad taught me all the dangers of rivers, I am not a fan of swimming in the Rhone. However, my son is. So if you have a young teen, or would like to take a chilly dip in the river sometime, I suggest your family attend the various presentations focused on:

  • Discovering how the river and the Seujet dam work.
  • How to handle yourself in fast flowing water.
  • Familiarize yourself with the rescue material along the river.
  • How to throw the life preservers and ropes.
  • Learn river first aid.

River Safety on the RhoneWe are a group of international women living in Geneva, Switzerland. If you would like to learn more about our activities and excursions, visit our website at www. aiwcgeneva.org