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Our AIWC Friday Hiking Group explores the region around Geneva and occasionally ventures further afield. Hiking offers a fantastic way to see the gorgeous countryside while exercising in a natural environment. Here are our suggestions for three hikes that are easily done in half a day. The first two starting points can be reached using public transportation while the last one requires a car. All have well-marked trails.

Narcissus Outing

Level: Easy
Time:  Varies according to hike
Map: Kummerly & Frey 16

Wild Narcissus

Permission to use this beautiful photograph of wild narcissi granted by http://www.davidbochud.com http://www.facebook.com/davidbochudphotographies

Fields of narcissus blooming across the valleys delight the senses. The phenomena is called May Snow. One can begin a hike from Les Pléiades, Les Avants or Caux, following various marked routes, which allow you to discover narcissi during their flowering period between May and June.

Our hiking group caught the train from Geneva to Montreux, changed to a local train to Les Avants before catching a funicular to Sonloup. However, there are several variations from which to choose. Check out the Montreux website dedicated to this special area here. Scroll down their webpage to find the different hikes as well as the weather and Narcissi report.

St Prex to Morges: Sentier de la Truite

Level: Easy
Time: 2 hours
Map: Kummerly & Frey 15 Lausanne, Vallée de Joux

Rows of tulips 3713

Cortney’s photo from her 2014 blog about the Morges Tulip Festival.

This walk can be done both in spring and fall. We catch the train to St Prex via Morges, and then walk back to Morges. This is a lovely walk, mostly along the lake with spectacular views across the water to the Alps on clear days.

In spring we end in Morges to enjoy the flower displays, in full bloom during the Tulip Festival.  (This year the festival ran through May 6.) Morges is a charming place to stop for lunch at any time of year. For a longer walk we suggest Lausanne to Morges, which is about 3 hours starting from the Lausanne train station.

For more information visit My Switzerland.

Cascades d’Angon near Annecy

Level: Average
Time: 2 hours
Map: IGN 3431 OT Lac d’Annecy

This spring walk offers beautiful views of lac d’Annecy and the impressive waterfall of Angon.  Because of the nature of the walk there can be slippery spots on the path, but with caution (and hiking poles) it is a safe walk for all levels.

To reach the starting point of this hike, we recommend going by car and parking as described here.

This second link offers more information.

Bildergebnis für cascade d'angon

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