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Over Easter weekend, I decided to tear up my back yard to prepare for a vegetable garden. I pulled out my pickax and shovel but after 5 minutes of backbreaking work I decided it would be cheaper to rent a rototiller than pay for a physiotherapist.

Luckily I live near Landi (Cercle des Agricultures) where their small atelier rents out garden equipment (mostly Honda’s) such as rototillers, weedwackers, lawn mowers, hedge trimmers and scarifiers. I chose their smaller rototiller but it was still a challenge to lift and fit in my car. Those things weigh 58 kgs (128 lbs) with sharp blades digging into the carpet.

If you’re looking for a company close to you, there are several options around Geneva. These companies carry leaf blowers, high pressure hoses, lawn mowers, hedge trimmers and more. Some even rent out industrial dehumidifiers, chain saws and big building equipment. Below I am quoting the price of rototillers just to provide a price point of each company.

  • Landi is a traditional Swiss cooperative. As such, its prices tend to be the lowest around Switzerland. I rented a Honda FC600 mid-tine tiller at CHF 50 for two hours. However, the official prices are CHF 70/half day; CHF 140/full day. I have also used Landi to maintain my neighbor’s lawn mower; sharpening the blades, cleaning the engine and purchasing spark plugs.
  • Migros Carouge and Nyon have a long list of gardening, cleaning and building equipment to rent. A rototiller costs CHF 110/day, CHF 150/weekend and CHF 440/week. They also provide maintenance and repair.
  • Loxam is a company that rents out and sells its own brand. Because they seem to focus on professionals I found their price list for us Do It Yourself people was significantly more expensive than other shops in Geneva; CHF 169/day.
  • In Annemasse, France, Leroy Merlin rents equipment by the day or weekend. A rototiller is Euro 110.00/day, Euro 165/weekend.

Before renting equipment, you might want to consider two other options:

  • Check if your neighbor has what you need. One of my neighbors works for Caterpillar. He’s the master of DIY. Another neighbor and I share the expense of a lawn mower and hedge clippers. While a third neighbor loans me her scarifier. I provide the ladders, pickax and shovels.
  • Hire a legitimate gardener and builder. A long list of up-keep tasks (including trimming hedges, pruning trees and mowing lawns) can be tax deductible if you own your house.

I hope you are enjoying your spring! This is a great time to get your projects done; the ski season is winding down and the summer heat is around the corner. Soon you’ll just want to lounge around and swim in the lake.

If you have any other shops you would recommend for renting equipment or repair and maintenance, please let me know.

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