Trivia Night Fun in Geneva


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Trivia Night, or Quiz Night for UKers, is a great after-work activity for groups of friends, colleagues, or people looking to make new connections. It’s a bar game where-by teams answer 10 questions over several rounds about a variety of themes : sports, inventions, a specific TV series, music, geography, history, etc.

Here in Geneva, Monday Night Trivia can be found at  Lady Gadiva (Plainpalais) and Mr. Pickwick’s Pub (rue de Lausanne). I started playing once a month with a group of women from the AIWC at Pickwick’s along with some spouses and adult children. Our two teams tend to finish in the upper half of the playing field. The times we do best are when we have the most internationally and age diverse teams. I’m terrible at history and culture but I ruled at Eminem (thanks to my son’s musical taste), faux amis (French and English words that sound the same but have different meanings) and Grey’s Anatomy TV series (my daughter’s studying medicine).

At Mr. Pickwick’s, the house rules are:

  • Teams of up to six players.
  • Ten questions over 10 rounds.
  • If you answer all ten questions correctly, you earn 11 points in the round.
  • There’s a Joker, which means one round of your choosing (excluding Round #1) counts double. Before the questions are posted, you must inform the Trivia Master you will play it.
  • The Trivia Master reserves the right to always be correct and may give partial points.
  • Never use an electronic device to look up the answer to a question.

If you would like to join in the fun, make sure your team arrives well before 20:00 and introduce yourself to the Trivia Master. If you are looking for a team and are not a member of the AIWC, check out Glocals. People often post on the Forum page about setting up a quiz team.

If you’re still unsure Trivia is your thing, be sure to check back to our Living in Geneva blog on Saturday for samples of our own AIWC Trivia Night.  This event kicks off our 2018 celebrations of the AIWC’s 60 Year Anniversary.

We are a group of international women living in Geneva, Switzerland. If you would like to learn more about our activities and excursions, visit our website at



About Alpenhorn

Originally from Alaska, I have lived in Geneva, Switzerland for 24 years. We love the skiing, sailing and climbing here; all within a two hour radius. My children were educated in the Swiss system which helped our family fit into our adopted country.

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