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I’m a skier so I’m sensitive to the dismal year we are experiencing this year in the Swiss Alps.

  • December was the driest December on record in Switzerland.
  • January was the coldest in the past 30 years but saw only a couple of days of snow.
  • February it snowed but the temperatures rose the days afterward thus quickly melting any snow in the sun below 2000 meters.
  • And just last week (in March) I was skiing in rain up to 2,200 meters.

If the local trend doesn’t convince me our weather is whacky; NASA, the NOAA and the WMO have confirmed that 2016 is the third consecutive year breaking global heat records and other undesirable trends as well.

This brings me to Earth Hour tomorrow at 20:30 when cities across the globe turn off the lights for one hour. Does it really make a difference? I’d like to think so. It does if citizens around the globe take this time to ponder and commit to actions that impact our planet’s health and future viability. For example, choose to start biking to work, write your country’s environmental policy influencers, stop watering your grass, plant some trees, donate time or money to organizations committed to protecting our Earth such as ProNatura, WWF or the Sea Shepherd.

One of our member’s husband, Chris Garland, took the time to write and record a song called Planet Blues which addresses climate change, environment, population, waste, doom and denial in an upbeat party blues rhythm. He is accompanied by Juliana Tarris, also a member of the AIWC. Check out their video here).

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