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It’s nearly time for the grape harvest, or vendange. For those of us living on the outskirts of Geneva it is a beautiful time of year that eases the pain of summer coming to an end. The grapes are plump with good color and signs are being posted asking people to keep their dogs out. Tents are being raised, harvest bins stacked and I am sure the tractors are ready to roar into action.

Every year, for the past 16 years, I have marked this season with a picture of my kids in the vinyards.

When they were little we would go to the Ferme de Merlinge, which sadly lost their lease, where we could cut a string of grapes and press them into juice.  

And once we happened upon some guys pressing grapes in the Hermance grape press.

Times change. The once small village affairs have either disappeared or turned into large events. Personally, I like small. However if you like big and want to experience the joy of grape harvest, check out the Fêtes des Vendanges in Russin this weekend September 17 and 18. I have not been but Courtney, who has since left Geneva, has a lovely blog telling about her experience at Russin called “Don’t Miss: Russin Harvest Festival.”

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