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Last month the AIWC volunteers participated in 2 Partage events. The ‘Samedi du Partage’, which is the twice yearly collection in the local supermarkets of food and basic hygiene items generously donated by shoppers who buy and donate a little extra shopping, and then the mammoth task of sorting all these donated items at the Partage warehouse.

Samedi du partage logo

The AIWC collected at the COOP Charmilles. Across the city some 800 volunteers in 75 supermarkets collected 133.1 tons of food and basic hygiene items – a new Partage record and up 9% on last year These items are then distributed free over the coming months to those in need living in Geneva through fifty charities, social services and emergency placements.

Partage picture

Our volunteer team followed this up with a morning in the warehouse – sorting donations and taking part in the Partage new publicity drive! The AIWC team were filmed and footage can be seen by clicking here.

It is a huge pleasure to support this worthwhile charity, to see firsthand the generosity of the Genevan shoppers and to wonder in abject amazement who would donate a tin of Brussel sprouts, indeed who even knew such an item existed…..

We are a group of international women living in Geneva, Switzerland. If you would like to join the AIWC, please visit our website at http://www.aiwcgeneva.org/.