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Whenever I return from a holiday outside of Switzerland, I am happy to get home and drink that first glass of water from my tap. The fact is Switzerland’s water consistently ranks #1 in the world with its mineral content equal to commercially bottled water.

I am by no means a connoisseur but I can tell you that after drinking recycled water in St John (AVI), salty water in Mesa (AZ) and iron saturated water in my hometown of Soldotna (AK), I appreciate the taste of our mountain water; and now considering the health crisis in Flint, Michigan I am thankful for the due diligence of our water supplier, the SIG.

In Geneva, we have several water sources: the lake, the Arve and the Rhone.

Map of Geneva's Water

If you are up for a few facts, over the course of 2014 the SIG took over 6,000 samples and ran over 177,000 tests. There were 61 samples that did not conform to standards which they claim were dealt with immediately. Geneva’s nitrate levels are very low and our calcium and magnesium levels healthy. For a better look at the report click here.

Geneva Water Quality

So if you are one of the 14% still drinking your water from a plastic bottle, consider purchasing one of the SIG’s cool water carafes and fill it from your tap for a mere CHF 0.06.

caraf d'eau collection

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