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If it weren’t for my dog running around smelling everything during our morning walk in the fields, I would never have noticed that the blobs in the road were actually smashed frogs and salamanders. It’s a sad sight.

These little creatures don’t have a chance crossing the country roads that are now filled with commuters avoiding the traffic jams found on the primary roads.  As a result, amphibian migration to water in order to restart the cycle of life leads to death instead.

ProNatura, a Swiss environmental organization, realized some time ago something needed to be done. They mobilized volunteers and money to help these creatures reach their spring waters. Throughout Switzerland, temporary barriers are installed to prevent the amphibians from crossing the roads. Every several meters, buckets are dug into the ground with a bit mud where the frogs, toads and salamanders can safely hang out until a volunteer collects the buckets in the morning and dusk. The species are noted and carried across the road  where they continue on their way. ProNutura has posted an interesting short video from Swiss TV about the project here.

If you would like to help with the migration, there are 9 sites in the canton of Geneva and a lot more in Vaud. You can find an area near you and write an email volunteering your time for few weeks in Geneva here  and Vaud here.

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