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They are red, hairy and poisonous. I just read on Facebook that a cat is this year’s first victim of the nasty processionary caterpillars; the only dangerous creature in the Geneva region.This long line of nose-to-tail travelling caterpillars, that can easily reach 2 meters long, is fascinating for both kids and animals alike. But don’t touch them!

The red caterpillars I see in my area are the pine version. You can’t miss the distinct cocoons high up on the sunny side branches of pine trees. Tree owners are required to have the winter cocoons of these chenilles processionaires removed. Most people hire specialists since the hairs act as spears and when they penetrate your skin, release a toxic protein. I have heard horrible stories of inhaled “hairs” that have caused swelling and near death of pets. If you don’t know a gardener, ask your town hall for recommendations.

My own son had a run-in with the Oak tree version. These caterpillars are whitish. At the age of 6 he knew not to touch the caterpillars. However, while on a school trip to a park near Junction, he and some other boys decided to rage war upon a fallen cocoon. Unfortunately for my son, he touched the wrong end of the stick he was using and everywhere that hand touched turned into a horrible rash.

The Rash.

The rash and swollen left hand.

So once again I say: Don’t Touch!

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