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If I could live in any building in Switzerland, it would be by my favorite boutique chocolate-maker, Philippe Pascoët, in Carouge. The store sits above their basement kitchen, so the aroma of rich dark chocolate wafts through the store. They have a grand selection of exotic wares ranging from candied oranges dipped in dark chocolate to chocolate bars for diabetics. Their latest creation is a dark chocolate mixed with the Nepalese pepper Tifda – it’s delectable. The Carouge store is reached by taking tram 12 or 18 and its website is at:  http://www.philippe-pascoet.ch/site/fr/


Photo credit: chocosuisse.ch

Of course, boutique chocolate makers abound in the Geneva area. In the Old Town, I like the Sweetzerland shop on Place du Bourg-de-Four that has luxurious “Pavé de Genève” or paving stones, a specialty of Geneva. Another favorite store is Auer, located throughout Geneva (website in English) http://www.chocolat-auer.ch/boutique/index.php. And, Chocolats Rohr, also with several locations, has fabulous low-sugar jam.

Other Geneva-area boutiques include: Arn Chocolaterie, Chocolate Stettler, La Bonbonniere and Boutique Favarger. For a list of stores and addresses (in English), see the pdf posted at the Geneva Tourism site: http://www.geneve-tourisme.ch/fileadmin/user_upload/pdf/TravelTrade/TravelTrade_MaterielPromotion/chocolaterail.pdf

If you are on a restricted budget, or want to buy huge quantities of chocolate, Manor has one of the best collections I’ve seen. Local markets Coop and Migros also have good selections, and if you’re in Migros, be sure to pick up one of their cooking chocolate bars—“Chocolat de ménage”. I love these for every day snacking. When traveling to the United States, I’ve also brought Swiss M&Ms to parties, matched them with a bowl of US M&Ms and asked everyone which they like best. Yes, there is a difference.


Credit: Evan-Amos, wikimedia.org

Finally, for those who love hot chocolate (and chocolate candy), try the hot chocolate at Martel’s – my friends from England make it a must-visit on all their trips to Geneva.

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