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After three years, Cité-Métiers is back in Geneva from November 3 to 8 at Palexpo. Entrance is free. Its objective: to demonstrate the choices of careers and educational paths available in Switzerland.

Anyone with children older than 13, even if you don’t speak French, should visit the Cité-Métiers expo. I attended the career fair the last time it was in town (see my blog The City of Professionals) and was stunned by Switzerland’s approach to work. This country views all jobs as respectable careers; and trains its students as such in a public school system.

Cité des metiers


The expo is divided into themes: commerce, health and social services, IT & technology, construction, nature & environment, arts, etc . Professionals are available to talk to as well as demonstrate what their jobs entails. A few expos that caught my eye in 2012 were:

  • Surgeons from the University Hospital of Geneva
  • Electricians from the SIG
  • Ambulance drivers
  • Watch makers
  • Horticulturists
  • Robots from the electronics trade school and EPFL


For those parents raising their children in the Swiss educational system, this fair will help you understand the various options your child can follow. University is not the only path to having a successful career. You can speak to students and teachers from the Hautes Ecoles, the technical, trade and language schools, universities and the Polytechnic school in Lausanne.

Links to additional information

Opening times, address and public transport is here.
Video of 2012 expo is here.

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