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Migros self scanOne of the great qualities of Switzerland that still exists amongst the Swiss is trust. Self-scanning has come and gone in many countries but my local Migros and Coop are still using it after introducing the service nearly a year ago. No more packing and unpacking food three times before you leave the store and no more standing in line. If your grocery store has this feature, use it. The service is simple and saves you time.

If you are new to Geneva, you will realized that you become either a Coop family or a Migros family. I am the later which is why this blog is based on Migros’ system with side-notes regarding Coop. However, I don’t endorse one store over the other because your choice will depend on the quality of food and service in your part of town. So let’s get started:

Prerequisites: You must have a Customer Fidelity Card and sign up for the service which means agreeing to the terms and conditions. At Migros you also need an electronic payment card (debit, credit or gift card).

Migros self scanningStep One: Start at the wall of scanners. At my store you can chose your language (FR, EN, DE, ES). Swipe your fidelity card and the scanner that lights up is yours to take.

Coop Self ScanningWhen you begin shopping scan the bars on your products (kids love doing this) and place them directly into your shopping bag. If your vegetable is priced per item, you will find the bar code next to the vegetable. If you buy more than one item, push the + sign, if you need to remove an item you press the – sign. You can press list at any time to view the items you have scanned and from here you can delete items from your scanned list.

Step Two and Three:  At Migros, you will see a wall where you scan a code to indicate you are done shopping. Your scanner will ask if you have scanned every article. Yes or no. Most of the time it tells you to replace your scanner and proceed to the payment center but every now and then it asks you to see the cashier who does a spot check. At the payment center, you scan your fidelity card again then follow the steps to apply coupons and payment method.

At Coop, what I see in my local store is different than what they show on the internet. At my store you have to go to a cashier like everyone else; which seems to defeat the purpose of avoiding being behind people unloading and reloading their groceries. However, on the webpage it looks like some stores have a special checkout where you scan a code to complete your shopping, pay and then replace your machine.

Coop Self-Scan paying

In the past year, I have had to wait for a machine only once. I zip into the store and out. I urge you to take the time to set up your fidelity card and agree to the self-scanning service.

If you are new to Geneva and would like to know about Geneva’s other grocery stores, check out Cortney’s blog titled Discovering Geneva’s Grocery Stores. It was written a couple of years ago but is still up-to-date.

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