This blog is written by an AIWC member who manages, on a volunteer basis, the Swiss Open Netball team.

This weekend international netball arrives in Switzerland with Geneva hosting the first test series on home soil between Switzerland and Canada. From October 9 to 11 Switzerland (ranked 28th in the world) will play three matches against Canada (ranked 21st). These will be exciting matches that provide Switzerland the opportunity to rise up the world rankings.

Netball, inspired by basketball but without the dribbling, is considered the world’s premier sport for girls and women. Over 20 million people play worldwide particularly in the Commonwealth. With 7 players in a team, the designated shooters and defenders ensure the game moves at an accelerated pace!!

Netball was introduced to Switzerland in 2007 and there are now a number of thriving clubs and schools playing the sport who would love to welcome new members. In fact, there will be opportunities for girls to try out the sport and for adults to sign up for local clubs to take part in this brilliant team sport.  If you played at school, watched it on TV or just fancy a new sporting experience we hope to see you there.

Swiss Netball

Tickets are free here.

Matches take place as follows:

Friday, October 9 at 18:30 at Ecolint LGB campus, 62 Rte de Chene
Saturday, October 10 at 16:00 at Ecolint LGB campus, 62 Rte de Chene
Sunday, October 11 at 16:00 at Centre Sportif Bois Des Freres, Chatelaine

More information about Swiss Netball here.

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