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Recently, Geneva introduced a new website that serves as a resource for information concerning the 28 markets (marchés) and 6 food trucks that dot the city’s streets and squares. At www.genevemarches.ch, find out daily, which trucks amd markets are currently open; browse a calendar of markets; and explore a calendar of food trucks.

You can also search the site by area and/or type of market (e.g., fruit and vegetable, books, brocante), read about each food truck, and stay apprised of any markets-related announcements (e.g., exceptional closures).

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The different outdoor markets include (1) fruit and vegetables from local producers; (2) old and unusual objects found by puciers; (3) booksellers; (4) artisanal creations; and (5) manufactured goods made locally.

In addition to the markets, six food trucks operate six days a week and rotate throughout the Geneva area at places with high pedestrian traffic and/or centrality. Trucks A Table!, Brooklyn Kitchen, Debi’s Kitchen, El Salad, The Hamburger Foundation, and Urban Gastronomy offer take-away meals and drinks over the lunch hour (11h-14h30). Find the trucks at Bel-Air, Chaumettes, Coutance, Hollande, Parc Baud-Bovy, and Pré-l’Evêque.

For more information, visit genevemarches.ch.

Have you been to Geneva’s outdoor markets or sampled from one of the many food trucks? Tell us!


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