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The United Nations’ gardens are open again to visitors so the AIWC quickly organized a tour of this large park upon which the United Nations sit.

UN Memorial

The gardens have a fascinating history of families who donated and sold land to the city of Geneva, the League of Nations and the United Nations. Since these organizations are separate entities; years of negotiations, trades and barters were concluded in order to create the UN that we see today.

UN Entrance

UN Former Entrance

For me the highlight of the tour was stepping out the door of the Palais des Nations and being blinded by the reflection of the sun off this cream marble building towering above me. The Palais des Nations emanates strength and structure.

Palais des Nations

The Palais des Nations

Equally powerful was standing amongst the flags of the 193 member nations.

The Broken Chair

Looking out toward the Broken Chair.

The gardens were lovely with trees dedicated to past Secretary Generals and impressive pieces of artwork. The wild meadows had unfortunately been mowed. So words of advice- tour the gardens before the mowing months of June, September and November. Though interestingly, the November mowing is done by sheep!

If you would like information about the tour of the United Nations building, see our two blogs written in 2014 and 2015. You can look up tour information and pricing on the UN website here.

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