Are you moving to Geneva or just planning to move within the area and want to know more about Geneva’s neighborhoods? We’ve polled our members and asked them all about where they live, and this is another installment in our series of neighborhood profiles.


Name: Corsier

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Location: It is about 7 km from Geneva up the lakeside heading towards Hermance.

Favorite thing about Corsier: Corsier Port is one of the few places where you can walk beside the lake, eat in a lakeside restaurant and even swim in the summer. It has lovely countryside around it but is handy for the city too.

Least favorite thing about Corsier: Local people are obsessed with privacy and put high hedges backed with green or black plastic round their gardens so when you walk down many of the roads you feel you are between high walls.

Why Did You Choose Corsier?  For its easy access to the city (we have a bus stop opposite our house with a good service) and the pleasant environment with vineyards and views of the lake and the Jura.

How Easy is Trash and Recycling to Deal With?  Very easy

Additional Notes about Trash and Recycling: Domestic rubbish is collected twice a week, “green” rubbish once a week and large items and paper once a month.  Other items e.g. glass have to be taken to the village.

How Convenient is Public Transit? Very convenient

Do You Need a Car in Corsier: Not necessarily 

What Kind of People is Corsier Best Suited For? There are plenty of houses with gardens but apartments too so suitable accommodation for all types of people.  For retirees there is not much happening in the village – though we are working on that!  There is only a boulangerie and épicerie with small stock so you need to do your main shopping elsewhere.

What Amenities does Corsier Have?   There is a primary school with a large hall which is used by community groups for sporting activities.  There is also a tennis club.  Leisure classes for adults are run in the area, based at the Bois Caran school. A new association in Corsier is launching walking groups, music and occasional evening activities. There is a restaurant in the centre of the village and the boulangerie and épicerie both have cafés.

What is the Nearest Hospital or Urgent Care Facility?  Main facilities are in the centre of Geneva with a medical “permanence” in Eaux Vives.  There is a general practitioner in Corsier.

Image credit, Corsier Coat of Arms: “Corsier-coat of arms” by Delta-9 – Own work (the author’s picture). Licensed under CC BY 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons –

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