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To the Geneva resident who wants to try a little something new in the way of shopping for local agricultural products, your pet’s needs, hardware or garden products; let me to introduce to you to Landi. I love this store. Then again, I am from Alaska and it reminds me of Soldotna’s local agricultural cooperative of the 70s and 80s.

Before I list some of the cool products that I purchase here, I should mention that Landi’s prices are anywhere from 10%-50% cheaper than your big name stores.


Landi has a selection of local beers and wines that I have not seen at any other liquor store. Furthermore, I purchase their bulk flour and sugar which are from Swiss farmers and they sell very tasty bread mixes; though I don’t recommend their bread machine.

Furthermore, they have flax seed oil, seasonal fresh apple juice, grape presses, jelly jars, etc.


Dog Food

This is a cooperative, they have horse, rabbit, dog and chicken products. We have rabbits and the food at Landi is the healthiest grade at half the price of Migros and Coop’s low-quality food. They have bowls, leashes and brushes. We made the mistake of buying our rabbit hutch at a pet store for an exorbitant amount of money. I recently discovered a similar hutch for half the price at Landi.


Spark Plug, Bike Tool and Juice

Spark Plug, Filter, Bike Tool and Juice

This store has tools, screws, nails, clips, paint, all sorts of gloves, working clothes, rubber boots, light bulbs, rope, etc.

Many Landis have an “atelier mechanique” where you can take in your garden equipment to be serviced.


Garden barrels

Barrels and Wheel Barrows


Personally, I buy my plants at a garden specialist. But here you can buy your rakes, shovels, netting, fertilizer, soil, bird food, clippers, etc.




Since Landi is an agricultural cooperative it means their stores are near the farmers. They have three shops in the surrounding Geneva area : Meinier, Bernex and Satigny. For their address click here and enter your postcode in the field below the map.

For those of you who are new to Geneva and want to know more about shopping for food in Geneva, Cortney’s blog Discovering Geneva’s Grocery Stores is an excellent introduction to the primary grocery stores in Geneva and how to shop there.

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