On a recent cold winter morning a group of AIWC hikers went out to Geneva’s vineyard region to get some fresh air and exercise. The hike started in the village of Soral and proceeded through the fields and forests of Laconnex, Eaumorte and Cartigny. The day was cloudy with a slight wind in the clearings.

IMG_0100 IMG_0114

On the way the hikers came across an enclosure with farm animals including a surprising group of llamas munching on grass. A furry donkey stole the limelight and came up to the fence to greet the hikers and pose for photographs.


The high point of the hike was a stretch in the woods with built-in steps winding up and down the steep sides of a valley. It was like an enchanted forest in a fairy tale.

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Some of the hikers practiced taking snapshots with their iPhone cameras as they walked. They enjoyed the freedom such a small device affords and tried them out in close-ups and landscapes. We thought to share with you some of their attempts to show how good these small cameras can be and what pleasure the photographers got from recording a few of their memorable experiences.

FullSizeRenderThe photos are by Kate Eggleston and Catherine Hieronymi.

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