IMG_7708Last month, when the TPG (Transports Publics Genevois) updated its schedules, routes, and ticket prices, an expanded menu of tickets-by-SMS debuted.

Formerly only 60-minute Tout Genève tickets were available for purchase by SMS / text message; now, TPG users can buy full- and reduced-fare day cards, full- and reduced-fare day cards from 9 a.m., and full- and reduced-fare 60′ Tout Genève tickets, all by SMS. Fares are billed to one’s mobile phone account.

For a detailed step-by-step guide for purchasing tickets by SMS, see Alpenhorn’s June 2014 post, Riding Geneva’s Buses and Trams just got easier.

Passengers eligible for reduced fare (tarif réduit) include holders of the SBB half-fare card, youths aged 6-15 years, and seniors of legal AVS age.

If you are using an SMS ticket, it is a good idea to keep in mind the terms of use:

  • The ticket must be purchased before boarding the bus or tram;
  • The user must ensure he or she received the ticket by SMS before the bus or tram departs;
  • The phone with the valid SMS ticket must be turned on throughout the journey;
  • The ticket is only valid in the zone 10 unireso area, second class;
  • The SMS ticket is linked to the phone that transmitted the order and thus can never be transferred to another person;
  • It is possible to order tickets for traveling companions via SMS. In this case all members of the group must travel together and be able to present the respective transport tickets in case of ticket checks;
  • The SMS ticket is the same price as a traditional ticket; the telephone company will charge the customer the price of the ticket ordered only.
  • This service is available only to holders of a Swiss SIM card.

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