Are you moving to Geneva or just planning to move within the area and want to know more about Geneva’s neighborhoods? This is another installment in our series profiling each of Geneva’s neighborhoods. We’ve polled our members who live in the various Geneva neighborhoods and asked them all about their neighborhood.

Nyon copy

Name: Nyon

Neighborhood website:

Location: Nyon is 20 minutes away from Geneva by car, depending on traffic.

Favorite thing about Nyon: Walking the streets and the old town monuments and the Roman monuments that are around. Right next door to our building, they found a Roman ampitheater which is going to be refurbished and opened to the public. Also the castle is something I enjoy about Nyon.

Least favorite thing about Nyon: The bugs that come in the summer from the lake; the wind brings them in.

Why Did You Choose Nyon? The rent was cheaper than in Geneva! We also have a great view, a location near Geneva, and good value for our money. There’s no noise pollution and we are five minutes from the Gare and it’s very convenient for us.

How Easy is Trash and Recycling to Deal With? Very easy

Additional Notes about Trash and Recycling: We have to have special garbage bags now in Nyon and you pay for them. It’s 2 CHF per bag. It’s a way to promote recycling. They have found that there is less garbage overall; people are more aware of what they are throwing away. You pay, but the system works. 

How Convenient is Public Transit? Very convenient

Do You Need a Car in Nyon: Not really

Other Notes about Transportation: The train is very convenient; it comes every 10 to 15 minutes and it goes straight to Geneva. You don’t really need a car in Nyon because you walk everywhere. Unless you go out of the city center, and then you do need a car. There are also buses in town, but I’ve never taken them. 

What Kind of People is Nyon Best Suited For? I think families, there’s a lot to do, you have the circus that comes into town, music festivals in the summer, different festivals in and around the castle, and you have a beach right at the lake.

What Amenities does Nyon Have? There are lots of community programs and parks, and the town has good schools.

What is the Nearest Hospital or Urgent Care Facility? L’Hôpital de Nyon is located in town and there is a private clinic near the shopping center.

Anything Else You Want to Share about Nyon?  I think that Nyon is a true community and people are friendly, more of a community than Geneva. Nyon has more of a small-town atmosphere. You have good stores, some very good restaurants, and if you don’t have parking where you live, there’s a huge parking lot in the middle of town. The outskirts of Nyon are very popular to live in, as well. There’s a lot of construction in those areas right now.

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