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On Sunday, September 28 the Genèvois will be heading to the ballot boxes to vote on initiative 152; whether to build a tunnel under the lake between Port Noir (near Park des Eaux-Vives) and Avenue de France (near the Park Mon Repos).

Tunnel under the lake project

The debate is heated and for good reason.

The Initiative

This initiative has been put on the ballot by the UDC (the conservative right-wing Swiss People’s Party); and supported by the MCG (the extreme-right Geneva Citizens Movement), the TCS and the president of the TPG. The objective is for cars and trucks to by-pass the Mont Blanc Bridge, allowing cars, buses, bikes and pedestrians to pass more freely on the bridge and “increase the quality of life for everyone.”

Their claims are:

  • The project would cost between CHF 660 to CHF 700 million.
  • Reduce traffic on Quai de Wilson by 60% and Quai de Gutave-Ador by 52%
  • Reduce traffic on the Mont Blanc Bridge by 42%
  • Reduce traffic on Chantepoulet 22 Cantons by 33% and Route de Malagnou by 30%

“With the new tunnel, one avoids the city center and traffic is reduced.”

Tunnel under the lake project Oui

The NON Vote

The Cantonal government and all other political parties, on both sides of the political spectrum, are against the Tunnel under the Rade initiative. In a video on the webpage of the Tribune de Genève, the President of the Association of Transportation and Environment claims:

  • The project would cost CHF 1.5 billion (the cantonal government estimates CHF 1.1 billion.)
  • Geneva already has CHF 13 Billion in debt.
  • Building a tunnel 500 meters from the Mont Blanc Bridge does not circumnavigate the city.
  • The result will be an 13%-50% increase in traffic around the canton of Geneva.
  • The city roads (especially the intersection at Rue de France) and the auto route are already saturated with cars so the tunnel will not eliminate traffic jams it will just create more of them while increasing pollution.

My Thoughts

My first take on this initiative was “finally!” but then I took a closer look.

First, anyone who has experienced major road works such as the Vésenaz tunnel or the CEVA project knows the traffic jams, noise, dust and pollution involved with these kinds of projects. I can guarantee the lake along the left and right banks will be a miserable place to be during these years and the traffic jams will be enormous due to lane closures and moving big equipment..

Secondly, so far I have not seen information regarding how our already debt-ridden city will pay for the tunnel, nor how many years this project will take.

Lastly, a tunnel under the “rade” has been debated since 1896. It is an old idea that needs to be replaced with modern solutions. In the year 2020, that the UDC speaks about, do we truly believe more roads and cars are the future we want in our city?

Rather than sticking a CHF 700 million to CHF 1.1 billion Band-Aid on our problem, Geneva needs to invest in a long-term, cohesive transportation solution which includes Canton Vaud and neighboring France.  Personally I would like future-Geneva to have clean air and be whole lot quieter when I ride my bike into town.

More Information

  • To see the one-minute videos by the opposing sides visit: Tribune de Genève.
  • To view the alternate plan that has been debated at the federal level, visit : Traversée du lac.
  • The Tribune de Genève is organizing a debate at Uni Dufour on Tuesday, September 16 at 20:00. For more information go to this link.

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