After living in Geneva for a few years, one of my favorite things to do on weekends is explore the myriad outdoor dining options around the city. Though the city boasts cuisines from across the globe, in this post I want to tell you about a few dining options that offer one of my favorite casual foods: burgers.

If you think McDonald’s is the only burger place in town, think again (though there are multiple McDonald’s locations around town, if the familiar flavors of the American standard are what you’re after!). Here are a few of my favorites:

The Plainpalais Holy Cow location, before the lunch rush

The Plainpalais Holy Cow location, before the lunch rush

Holy Cow

Now with two locations in Geneva, Plainpalais and Gare Cornavin, Holy Cow is a Swiss chain restaurant that offers a variety of cooked-to-order beef and chicken burgers plus a vegetarian option. From classic beef to globally influenced burgers (Asian, Latin American, Australian, and North American), regular size to double beef to smaller burgers, there’s something on the Holy Cow menu to suit most everyone. The beef burgers are 100% Swiss and most ingredients are locally sourced; the different sauces are home-made.

The Plainpalais location is popular with students from the nearby University of Geneva (there’s a student menu available), and at both Geneva locations, Holy Cow offers a wide drink selection to pair with the burgers. When I’m in the mood for unique flavors and a great outdoor atmosphere, I head to Holy Cow.

2-hamburger-foundationThe Hamburger Foundation (THF)

THF is a food truck, appearing in different locations across the city, offering 100% Swiss beef burgers, locally made buns and a simple menu (three variations on the hamburger, two sides, one dessert). Swiss-owned and American-inspired, you can find THF by checking their website or following them on Twitter. They also have a freestanding restaurant in the Pâquis open seven days a week. The Pâquis restaurant has a bigger menu, wider drink selections, and indoor/outdoor dining. 

I first heard about The Hamburger Foundation (THF) when my husband and his colleagues went there for lunch and we decided to try it for ourselves when the truck was at the Marche du Plainpalais one Sunday last spring. We’ve returned several times, especially when we’re out and about on weekends at the markets, and the burgers have been delicious every time. 

Denise’s Art of Burger by Philippe Chevrier

The burger sampler and a portion of frites from Denise's Art of Burger

The burger sampler and a portion of frites from Denise’s Art of Burger

One of the newest burger spots in Geneva has become a fast favorite of mine. Located in the Globus Food Hall at Place du Molard, Denise’s Art of Burger by Philippe Chevrier offers a variety of burgers, from beef with bacon and cheese to lamb, chicken, vegetarian, and a lobster roll. Salads, frites, and an array of desserts round out the menu.

You can dine in at their seating area, outside on Place du Molard, or take-away for a picnic or home. After 17h00, you can purchase four bite-sized burgers (lamb’s, Special Denise’s, bacon and cheese, and lobster) for CHF 25. Find Denise’s Art of Burger by Philippe Chevrier online here.

Do you have a favorite burger spot in Geneva? Did we overlook any must-try places? Tell us!

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