End point of this segment of the Via Jacobi: Place du Bourg-de-Four in Geneva's Old Town

Earlier this Spring, the AIWC’s Friday Hiking group headed outside of town and retraced its route into Geneva on foot following a segment of the Via Jacobi. If you’ve never explored the Geneva countryside, or if you’re interested in seeing a new side of Geneva itself, this is a well-marked route suitable for hikers of all abilities that starts among rolling hills and vineyards and ends in the heart of the Old Town.

The Via Jacobi is one of Switzerland’s seven national scenic routes and also part of the European Jakobsweg (Route of St. James). The Via Jacobi is 460 kilometers in length, stretching from north-eastern Switzerland to Geneva, divided into 33 stages. This two-hour hike covers a very small part of the Via Jacobi, a 9 kilometer segment from Bardonnex to Geneva’s Old Town.

Getting There

The start of this two-hour section of the Via Jacobi is in Bardonnex on the outskirts of Geneva. It is easy to reach Bardonnex on public transport from the center of town; starting from Rive, take Tram #12 to Bachet-de-Pesay (direction: Palettes) and transfer to Bus #46 (direction: Bardonnex). Bardonnex is the terminus of Bus #46. Then, look for the yellow route markers that indicate the Via Jacobi.

You can check timetables and bus routes on the TPG website or the TPG smartphone apps.

Maps and Route Tips

hiking-maps-4440The Via Jacobi is a well-marked route, but before you set out on a hike, it’s a good idea to have a map in hand. Waterproof hiking maps covering Geneva and all of Switzerland are sold at the Poste. You can also download useful smartphone apps like SwitzerlandMobility (free) and Swiss Map Mobile (some features require payment).

More Information

More tips about hiking in Switzerland, from local routes to national ones, are available in our previous post Swiss Hiking Trails: An Overview.

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