If you’re out and about in Geneva and need a Wi-Fi connection, you don’t need to hunt down a coffee shop or café. The city of Geneva provides free Wi-Fi access at 77 points around the city, from museums and public squares to popular parks and along the lakefront.

wifi copyAt one of the city’s access points, enable Wi-Fi on your mobile device and look for the ((o)) ville-geneve network. Select the network.

You should then be directed to a login page where you need to enter your mobile telephone number – be sure to enter the numbers only, omitting any spaces or characters between numbers (e.g., 41781234567).

wifi2 copyAn access code, valid for six months, will be sent to you via SMS. Then, simply enter your mobile number and the access code to register with the network.

Happy browsing!

More Information

A list of public access points is available here. Click here to learn more about the city’s open access WiFi. Step-by-step directions for connecting to the ((o)) ville-geneve network are available here (in French).

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