Are you moving to Geneva or just planning to move within the area and want to know more about Geneva’s neighborhoods? This is another installment in our series profiling each of Geneva’s neighborhoods. We’ve polled our members who live in the various Geneva neighborhoods and asked them all about their neighborhood.

We posted our first neighborhood profile of Vésenaz several months ago; click here to read. Here’s a second perspective on a neighborhood many AIWC residents call home.


Name: Vésenaz

Neighborhood Website: http://www.collonge-bellerive.ch/fr/ 

Location: Vesenaz belongs to the Commune Collonges Bellerives and lies on the left bank of Lac Leman. The neighbourhoods next to Vesenaz are Collogny, Vandoevres and Meinier. It is a great place to live. You are a bit out in the countryside but enjoy all amenities of the City. Vesenaz has good public transport, a wide variety of grocery stores (Manor, Coop, Migros, plus small speciality Shops), many doctors (even 2 Veterinarians) and easy access to the fantastic nature around Geneva.

Favorite Thing about Vésenaz: Access to Nature and easy shopping without a car

Least Favorite Thing about Vésenaz: Construction

Why Did You Choose Vésenaz? We choose the left bank of Geneva because our son goes to the LGB (Grand Bossier) and the commune has a good public transport system. I am not a down town person and love the surrounding nature.

How Easy is Trash and Recycling to Deal With? Very easy

How Convenient is Public Transit? Convenient

Do You Need a Car in Vésenaz: Perhaps

Other Notes about Transportation: The public transport to town is great. I need a car because I often go out to the country side. For hiking or skiing in France, you need a car.

What Kind of People is Vésenaz Best Suited For? The neighbourhood is perfect for people with kids and teens. Working professionals and young adults may more enjoy to live in the city.

What Amenities does Vésenaz Have? Vesenaz or the Commune Collonges Bellerive has everything – Schools, Kita, playground, parks with access to the lake, shopping, doctors for me nothing is missing.

What is the Nearest Hospital or Urgent Care Facility? Private Clinique de Grangettes at Chene-Bourgeries.

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