Are you moving to Geneva or just planning to move within the area and want to know more about Geneva’s neighborhoods? This is another installment in our series profiling each of Geneva’s neighborhoods. We’ve polled our members who live in the various Geneva neighborhoods and asked them all about their neighborhood.



Name: Les Tranchées

Neighborhood Website:

Location: Les Tranchées is a small neighborhood adjacent in the center of Geneva between Champel/Florissant and the Vieille Ville.

Favorite Thing about Les Tranchées: It’s centrally located and has loads of charm, from the beautiful Russian Orthodox Church to the Fondation Baur museum and all of the old, well-kept residential buildings.

Least Favorite Thing about Les Tranchées: Lack of some major amenities such as a pharmacy and grocery store (though there is a small épicerie on the Rue du Mont-de-Sion).

Why Did You Choose Les TranchéesIt is charming and quiet, and very close to the center of town and public transportation.

How Easy is Trash and Recycling to Deal With? Very easy

Additional Notes about Trash and Recycling: Les Tranchées is small, so everything is only a short distance away. There are recycling areas on Rue Charles-Galland and Rue Charles-Sturm.  Trash follows the Rive Gauche schedule, with pickup on Tuesdays and Fridays.

How Convenient is Public Transit? Very convenient

Do You Need a Car in Les TranchéesNot at all

Other Notes about Transportation: Bus 36 comes through the neighborhood, and there are stops for the 1, 3, 5, 7 and 8 buses nearby. It’s a five-minute walk downhill to the Rive, Terrassière, and Villereuse tram/bus stops. If you have a car, parking garages Saint-Antoine and Villereuse are close by.

What Kind of People is Les Tranchées Best Suited For?  Anyone really, from families with young children to retirees.

What Amenities does Les Tranchées Have?  There are two parks in the neighborhood and there are a couple of museums nearby (Musée d’Art et Histoire and Fondation Baur). Lots of doctors’ offices, too. Not in the neighborhood itself but just across Boulevard des Tranchées, there are excellent restaurants, plus pharmacies, dry cleaners, and Parc Bertrand. The Eaux-Vives 2000 shopping complex is not far away, either.

What is the Nearest Hospital or Urgent Care Facility? The HUG complex is five minutes away.

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