olivier_follmi_300Last week, I joined a group of women from the AIWC’s Photography group for a guided tour of the traveling photographer Olivier Föllmi Photo Exhibition at Geneva’s Espace Expo SIG. Föllmi is a self-taught Franco-Suisse photographer who first ventured abroad at age 18, to Afghanistan. That initial trip was the beginning of more than 25 years of travel throughout the world, particularly Central Asia and the Himalayan mountains. The photographs exhibited at Espace Expo SIG were taken in places ranging from Tibet, Namibia, Bhutan, Myanmar, Pakistan, and Iceland to Patagonia and Chile.

If you’re interested in photography, local events and activities, or if you’re looking to discover someplace new in the heart of Geneva, I highly recommend stopping by and exploring the exhibition this week!

The exhibition span Föllmi’s 30-year career. From portraits to street scenes, landscapes to conceptual pieces, the photos cover a range of the global human experience. At the rear of the exhibit space, three videos comprise Föllmi’s “Meditations” and a bench and chairs are set up for visitors to spend time absorbing the work.

You can learn more about the photographer at Olivier Föllmi’s website. More information about the photographer, the exhibition, and the Espace Expo SIG is available from the SIG website.

About Espace Expo SIG

View of Pont du Mont-Blanc and the Jet d'Eau from the Pont de la Machine

View of Pont du Mont-Blanc and the Jet d’Eau from the Pont de la Machine

Espace Expo SIG is located on the Pont de la Machine in a building dating from 1840 that was once a former pumping station for the city of Geneva. SIG acquired the building in 1931, and along with the Espace Expo SIG, the building houses the Cité du Temps and the Espace Ville de Genève.

Along with the three interior spaces, the Pont de la Machine also has a large outdoor space with a magnificent view of the Jet d’Eau and the Pont du Mont-Blanc. If you do not make it to the Olivier Föllmi exhibition this week, I encourage you to visit the Pont de la Machine on a sunny Geneva spring day; check out what’s going on at the Espace Expo SIG and the Cité du Temps, and then enjoy one of the city’s best outdoor spots.

Directions and Practical Information

The Espace Expo SIG is located at Pont de la Machine, 1204 Geneva:

Entrance to the exhibition is free. Opening hours are Monday through Friday, 09h00 until 17h00; Saturday and Sunday, 10h00 through 17h00. Guided tours (in French) last 45 minutes and are given Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 9h15, 10h30, 14h00 and 15h15. The exhibition ends this coming Sunday, April 6.

We are a group of international women living in Geneva, Switzerland. If you would like to join the AIWC, please visit our website at http://www.aiwcgeneva.org/