Are you moving to Geneva or just planning to move within the area and want to know more about Geneva’s neighborhoods? This is another installment in our series profiling each of Geneva’s neighborhoods. We’ve polled our members who live in the various Geneva neighborhoods and asked them all about their neighborhood.


Name: Cara

Neighborhood Website: http://www.presinge.ch

Location: It is in the commune of Presinge, between the villages of Puplinge and Jussy.

Favorite Thing about Cara: It is beautiful, lots of places to walk and ride bikes.

Least Favorite Thing about Cara: Nothing!

Why Did You Choose Cara? We fell in love with the house we live in.

How Easy is Trash and Recycling to Deal With? Moderately difficult

Additional Notes about Trash and Recycling: Trash pick-up is only once per week. There is no recycling pick-up so we need to drive items 2 kilometers.

How Convenient is Public Transit? Moderately inconvenient

Do You Need a Car in Cara: Yes

Other Notes about Transportation: The bus comes very infrequently. With small children it is absolutely necessary to have a car. Most families have two.

What Kind of People is Cara Best Suited For? Families with young children.

What Amenities does Cara Have? Schools.

What is the Nearest Hospital or Urgent Care Facility? Grangettes in Chêne Bougeries (7 kilometers).