Are you moving to Geneva or just planning to move within the area and want to know more about Geneva’s neighborhoods? This is our first installment in a new series profiling each of Geneva’s neighborhoods. We’ve polled our members who live in the various Geneva neighborhoods and asked them all about their neighborhood.

Neighborhood Profile: Carouge

Name: Carouge

Neighborhood Website: http://www.carouge.ch

Location: On the left bank of the lake across the Arve River. Access is via tram 12, but there are also bus lines that serve the area.

Description: A ville designed by the king of Sardinia with a very special layout complete with hidden gardens, and a great marché on Saturday and Wednesday.

Favorite Things about Carouge: The arty and bohemian atmosphere.

Why Did You Choose Carouge? Actually, didn’t choose the neighborhood. Where we live was affordable at the time we moved in and there are great parks and places to walk a dog, with special areas for children. There is also a close sense of community.

How Easy is Trash and Recycling to Deal With? very easy

Other Notes about Trash and Recycling: The Carouge city council chose system which requires two hands to use. Lids do not stay open and you have to hold it, this means putting recycling on ground bending, picking up, etc. This can make it difficult for older folks or people with mobility restrictions.

How Convenient is Public Transit? Very convenient

Do You Need a Car in Carouge: not at all

Other Notes About Transportation: Tram 12 and a number of buses either originate in the area, or cross through it. You can get to almost every location in the canton with just one change of transportation. Owning a car while living in Carouge can be difficult due to the urban environment; it can be a pain to find a parking space!

What Kind of People is Carouge Best Suited For? Everyone! There are a lot of activities organized by the local community; great, trendy restaurants and bars; art shows and galleries within easy walking distance; trendy boutiques (no big names); local artisans; a decent movie theater; a number of small theaters and theater groups; easy shopping opportunities from Migros M-Parc, Vibert, and close access to La Praille shopping center.

What Amenities does Carouge Have? No large parks, but little green areas dotted all over the place. Some play areas set aside strictly for children. Great areas just for a pleasant walk or run, if you so desire. Very easy access to a large sports complex with a swimming pool and sports fields. Two options for tennis and very close to the large sports complex at Bout de Monde.

What is the Nearest Hospital or Urgent Care Facility? There is a clinic run by the La Tour hospital group that provides good, simple emergency services. We are very close to the cantonal hospital HUG and their vast resources. A large community of doctors, dentists and other health care professionals in easy reach, speaking a variety of languages.

Other Comments: Carouge has something for everyone. We have lived here over 30 years and have watched it grow and change. Access has always been easy and we gave up our second car two years after moving here. The multi-cultural nature of the neighborhood has always impressed me. It is one of the friendliness areas I have come across in Geneva. It has a character all its own. In the last ten years or so, I find I do most things in Carouge without going into town. In fact, the Club is my main destination outside of my neighborhood.

Carouge has an undeniable charm due to its scale and is vibrant. There is always something going on. The outdoor marché, especially on Saturday, is a very happening place. The fountains of Vibert across from the post office are packed in the summer weather and there is an ice skating rink set up at place de Sardaigne in the winter. It can be noisy in certain areas due to the buses and trams, but not more so than other urban areas!

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