Have you ever found yourself lugging unexpectedly heavy grocery bags home?  Full of back-breaking items like bottles of water or wine, or heavy boxes of detergent and cleaning supplies?  Uphill, in the rain or snow or summer heat?

Some among us may enjoy the physical exercise, but others might prefer an easier option from time to time.  If that’s the case with you, then keep your eyes peeled for the Geneva Caddie Service.  Created in 2007, Geneva’s Caddie Service can be found at 7 shopping locations across town, including the Rive and Plainpalais markets, the La Praille and Carouge shopping centers, Manor, as well as centers in Onex and Meyrin.

For a flat 5 Fr. fee, caddie drivers, using electric bicycles or bicycles with a small wagon towed behind, will deliver groceries and other purchases to a home or business address.  The maximum is two bags, and they must weigh a maximum of 10 kg each.  The client specifies the drop-off time that is most convenient.  And best yet?  If you have an annual TPG abonnement for Geneva’s trams and buses, the cost of delivery is FREE!  Although I usually give the delivery person a tip of 2-3 Fr.  These drivers have been a real life saver on a few occasions.  Even though I live two blocks from the Carouge Coop, it can seem like 1,000 km if I’m hauling home a heavy load of groceries while simultaneously herding my toddler along the sidewalk.

It takes just a minute to register for the service, and you will receive a small green card for your wallet to present each time you use the service.  Take advantage!  More details can be found in French here: http://www.caddie-service.ch.

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